Thorns of Bude Photography Book

S Thorn Photography - Thorns of Bude Photography Book


The Thorn photographers were pioneers of the art in Bude, in Cornwall. This book celebrates their enormous contribution to Cornish history and particularly to Bude.
Over 250 fantastic images taken from their original glass negatives and original photo prints. Many have not been seen before, they show the landscape, seascape and shipwrecks, of North Cornwall, as it was in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, packed with personalities and characters, recalling the hard but gentle pace of Cornish life as well as the incidents that live on in the memory of the Cornish people. The advent of photography captured the moment as it was. We are transported back to an age often regarded as romantic. However, life was so different from ours today: We have glimpses of the trials and tribulations of the time.

Researched and compiled by David Thorn and Stuart Thorn